The Estonian Coeliac Society joins coeliac patients, their family members, medical staff and anybody else wishing to support the coeliac patients.

The main lines of activity of the Estonian Coeliac Society are:

  • Supporting of coeliac patients
  • Distribution of coeliac information
  • Protection of the interests of coeliac patients

Mission – To improve the wellbeing and quality of life of coeliacs through the protection of interests and collaboration.

Vision – The Estonian Coeliac Society is a professional and innovative direction indicator of disease-related health policy and general public understanding.

The Estonian Coeliac Society was established in March 1996 on the initiative of the parents of the children suffering from coeliac disease and paediatrists of the Children’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital Külli Mitt and Oivi Uibo. On March 23, 1996 the first families of the children suffering from coeliac disease submitted applications for the membership of the Coeliac Society.

The foundation meeting of the Estonian Coeliac Society was held on February 14, 1998 in Tartu. In the same year the Estonian Coeliac Society was registered as a non-profit organisation.

In the summer of 1998 the Estonian Coeliac Society became a member of its umbrella organisation – the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People. In 2006 the society became a member of AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies). Our Board Member Katre Trofimov was  AOECS Board Director in years 2017-2020 and elected again for period of 2022-2024.
The main sponsor of the society is the Foundation of Estonian Disabled People, while various projects have been funded also by the Gambling Tax Council and the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Aive Antson, Elisabeth Rooväli, Küllike Põlma, Riina Allikas and Sigrit Keerd are the Board Members of the society. Project managers are organising and conducting various activities. General meetings are held 2 times in a year, while the nation-wide information day takes place annually in every autumn. Furthermore a health day is organised for the members of the society in spring, summer camp in summer and Christmas party in December.

At the moment the society has 257 members, of whom 101 coeliac patients.

Updated last: 30.11.2022