Major projects of 2010

The project „Publishing of the children’s book „Miina and Granny. When You Cannot Tolerate Gluten““. 

The book "Miina and Granny" speaks about a small girl called Miina with a diagnosis of coeliac disease, and how she becomes used to it. The immediate target group of the books includes pre-school coeliac patients, whom this book should help to understand better their disease and life with it. The author Sandra Vungi and the illustrator Kudrun Vungi are sisters coming from Viljandi County. The project started in October 2009 and ended in March 2010. Ceremonial presentation of the book took place in the general meeting of the Estonian Coeliac Society on March 27. The number of circulation is 300 copies. Project managers were Aive Antson and Riin Jõgi. Anyone who wishes can order the book from the association – The cost of a book is 15 . The society cannot compensate shipping costs.


The project „Coeliac information materials for every gastroenterologist“.

We have set the objective that every new coeliac patient would receive information materials related to the disease from gastroenterologist: the patient information collection written by Dr. Oivi Uibo „What Is Coeliac Disease?“ and the booklet „Reminder for a coeliac patient“ drafted by the members of the society. In the course of the project, coeliac information materials were distributed all over Estonia, into 24 hospitals or clinics, altogether to 45 gastroenterologists (including 3 paediatric gastroenterologists). The project was executed in spring 2010 under the management of Merle Maisla.


The project „Reminder of a coeliac patient for family physicians“.

It is essential that a family physician should be able to recognise coeliac disease and forward the patient to further examinations. Also the coeliac patients and their family members should get the primary information from their family physicians. In the course of the project, 16 members of the society took the booklet „Reminder for a coeliac patient“ to 137 family physicians working in several family health centres all over Estonia. The project was financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. The project was executed in spring 2010 under the management of Aive Antson.